Fred Armisen To Lead Band on Seth Meyers new Late Night!

It wasn't too long ago we were covering Saturday Night Live actor Fred Armisen's SNL farewell performance,  and that Portlandia co-star Carrie Brownstein was wearing her
Couch 80's Mercedes Guitar Strap. Well if you haven't seen it yet, it was recently announced Fred will be the band leader on Seth Meyer's new Late Night on NBC! Here's the image
as it's seen when it was on our homepage player:
Fred Armisen on Late Night with Couch Cadillac Silverburst Guitar Strap
We so stoked to hear this, and even more stoked when we saw that in the  pic that was used for the press release Fred Armisen was wearing our Cadillac Silverburst Guitar Strap front and center. To be clear, Fred does not endorse Couch in any way, he just has been wearing this strap lately and we think it's really cool and wanted to share that with you here.
Fred Armisen on NBC's Late Night with Couch Silverburst Guitar Strap . Fred Armisen on NBC's Late Night with Couch Silverburst Guitar Strap .
So rad!!! This pic was seemingly everywhere on the web that day including The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times,, Hollywood Reporter etc etc. Check the next pic of Armisen wearing the strap live on the show. Especially cool is if you look close you can see he's affixed a Devo patch on the strap-Fred must have put it on there to honor guitarist Bob Casale who passed away recently. RIP Bob2.

In any event, Fred we are truly honored. Love Couch.

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