Bad Religion Guitarist Brian Baker Rocks Cat Strap at Germany's Rock Am Ring

Earlier this year The Couch Cat Strap was narry a glimmer in our eye so it was crazy to see Bad Religion Guitarist Brian Baker rocking one just 3 months later in front of 50,000 people.

Bad Religion Guitarist Brian Baker live in Germany at  Rock Am Ring 2013


In case you didn't know, Brian is a bit of a punk legend best known as one of the founding members of Minor Threat, and has been a member of Bad Religion since 1994. He also was in some of our favorite 80's and 90's punk bands like The Meatmen and Dag Nasty respectively.

Couch Cat Strap on Brian Baker's Les Paul Custom


In any event, we're not sure where Brian picked up this strap, but we're honored he's chosen to rock Couch, and great taste on the strap choice too!

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