How Long Are Your Guitar Straps? Everything you need to know about strap length.

We sometimes get messages wondering if our straps are long enough for some 6'7" guy, or short enough for some 5'7" guy (like us). The answer is: YES!
Couch straps adjust about 6 inches longer than the average strap, which is 67" fully extended from keyhole to keyhole. With the strap in its middle adjustment
it's about 50", and 40" at its smallest.
Because we are the factory, we can happily custom shorten any strap to your exact specs before OR after you purchase it for freeee, and will even return ship it to you in the US for free (6" shorter is a common request). That said, we highly suggest taking 2 minutes to watch this video and getting a strap first, because it's most likely gonna work great as is!

Lastly, if you want a strap for your child 4 years and up no problem! Just order any strap and have it custom shortened by us for free by putting a request in the "Comments" section of your order. Usually about 12" shortened works great for kids, and it will still adjust longer as they continue to grow and rock harder like Metal Gods from the not-too-distant-future.

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