Brian May of Queen Rocks for Billions At London Olympics

Brian May of Queen at Olympics Closing Ceremony


Like billions of other people around the world, we were sitting around with our family last month watching the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games when our dad joked "when are we going to see someone on here with a COUCH guitar strap?" Crazily enough, 5 minutes later, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Brian May of Queen pops on the screen in front of the eyes of the world and rocks his Couch Black Byloos Guitar Strap. It was such an honor. Almost as cool, the next morning we turn on our X-Box and on the front page is the above pic of Brian entitled "The Games Rocked. Closing Ceremony Pictorial". Thank you Brian for rocking Couch.

Debbie Harry and Tommy Kessler of Blondie.


While we're on the topic of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Musicians, our buddy Tommy Kessler of Blondie had this pic on his Facebook page today of him and Deborah Harry together on stage this month amidst their tour with Devo.Tommy is using his Dark Red Skullphone Guitar Strap.That strap is sold out, but you can still get it in Black. Blondie is currently on tour with Devo.



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