New Lady Wallets Coming Soon!


We've been working hard since last summer patterning and designing a version of our girlfriend's favorite old wallet from days gone by and we think we finally got it. These wallets have a zipper pocket for change and keys and drugs and stamps and stuff, and are large enough to hold a checkbook if you'd like. There is also a full sized billfold area for cash and plenty of spaces to hold ID's, cards, receipts and stuff. The snap enclosure and zipper keep everything secure too. So yeah now that we've worked out the functional kinks, we need to choose 2 or 3 of these samples to actually make. We need your help, which vintage vinyl is your favorite? From front to back we have: Vintage 60's Blue-Green Diamond, 70's Yellow Plaid, Late 60's Chevy Barracuda Bronze, 60's Flowers, Dark Red 80's Mercedes, Red 60's Ford Truck, and Grey 60's Ford Truck. Tell us what one you like and why.


Remember, these are designed for the girls and women in our lives, so if you're a dude like us that's okay feel free to vote, but we'd love it too if you passed this link on to a lady friend so we can also get some opinions direct from the source. You can vote on our Facebook Page.

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