Rumors of Foo Fighters and The Strokes

Fingerprints Records posted this picture and comment on our Facebook page: "Foo Fighters playing a free instore @ Fingerprints Records in Long Beach yesterday for Record Store Day. They picked up some Couch Straps after the show!"


Yeah!! First of all what a cool image of The Foo Fighters playing a free show to celebrate the release of their new record. Second it's really great to hear that they picked up some straps from Fingerprints after the show. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for hopefully some photos to emerge soon of Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters wearing Couch Straps.

Sarah from Pull My Daisy Boutique in Silverlake also called recently to say that The Strokes guitar player Nick Valensi had come in the store twice specifically to buy some Couch Guitar Straps. Nice! Hopefully we'll also see some shots of Nick with a Couch Strap soon. We'd be honored. This Is It is one of the ten best records of the 00 decade for sure and the new record is sounding solid.

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