Skullphone Exhibit At Shepard Fairey's Gallery is A Smash!

We recently attended street artist Skullphone's gallery opening in on Sunset in Echo Park at Shepard Fairey's "Subliminal Projects" Gallery.
Skullphone is known internationally as part of the first wave of 21st Century Wheatpaste Artists, but he seems to have transcended this notorious status into the high-brow international gallery scene sometime after he appeared electronically on Clear Channel Billboards in Los Angeles. Did he hack or buy his way in though? Who cares man, before the bloggers could even sort it, he'd moved on to the next thing.

Skullphone Billboard Hovers Above The 90 Freeway In Los Angeles


Anyway, we didn't have $5000 for one of his works this night, but PLENTY of people did, including the redounded host (and subject of the the "Exit Through The Gift Shop" documentary) Shepard Fairy who is reported to have purchased a piece himself.

Team Couch at The Skullphone Exhibit @ Subliminal Projects


Which reminds us. How is it possible you can get a limited edition, artist sanctioned Skullphone Guitar Strap, worn by Nicki of Silversun Pickups and Tommy of Blondie, for about 40 bucks from Couch when he's selling paintings for $1000's? The collectors have been snapping these up lately dude, you really should get one while you can.

By the way, after hosting the who's who LA art event of the week, Skullphone hosted a brilliant all ages rock later that night an unmarked warehouse in downtown LA, headlined by Touch and Go Record's Crystal Antlers. Thanks Skullphone for all the free Pabst Blue Ribbons.

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