Sublime Reunites At Smokeout Festival and Eric is Still Wearing His Couch Guitar Strap!

Our friend Dave just emailed us yesterday this Youtube screencap of Sublime bass player Eric Wilson wearing a Brown and Orange Racer X Couch Guitar Strap in front 30,000 plus people at Cypress Hill's Smokeout Festival on October 24 in San Bernardino, California.

We had heard a number of years ago Eric had purchased one for his bass at World of Strings here in Long Beach, probably around the time he was playing with the Long Beach Dub All Stars, but we didn't know he was still wearing it, or, for that matter wearing it the other week with a reformed Sublime at The Smokeout Festival on October 24 in San Bernardino, California. The festival also featured performances from Kottonmouth Kings, Slipknot, Deftones, Bad Brains and Pennywise.

Below is the actual video of them performing their mega-hit "What I Got" here that's pretty awesome. We grew up in Long Beach so we saw the original band back in the day at so many small clubs and house parties and they really were great for their time. What's crazy about this video is this kid "Rome" who is filling in for the departed Brad Nowell really is amazing and even weirder, he REALLY reminds us of a young Brad in is mannerisms, build and just how he looks in general.

Another interesting thing about this song "What I Got" is that the acoustic guitar solo made Rolling Stone Magazines' "100 Best Guitar Solos of All Time" list and was credited to Brad Nowell, but it was actually performed by part time member and full time manager and Skunk Records founder Miguel Happoldt. Miguel actually has a studio here behind us at Couch is and is a cool guy. He rocks a "i am 8 Bit" Couch Strap on his Telecaster.

In any event, it's a shame to see that there seems to be some wrangling over the use of the name "Sublime" with a new singer. A quick watch of this video and it just seems like everyone enjoying hearing the music so much, band and audience. Let the guys keep the name please- or at least just use another version of it, but keep playing!

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