Cool pics of the Blue Deadstock Flowers Strap

We love it at  Couch is when our customers send in their own pictures of their Couch Guitar Strap with their favorite guitars. We just got this one in today from Santa Monica's Bryan K:DanomasterBryanKonietzko600 it's a great shot of our Blue Deadstock Flowers Guitar Strap with his Dan-O-Master Danocaster Vintage Replica Guitar. Bryan actually posted this on the site and let us know. Wow those Danocasters sure are nice guitars too! They are hand made in Nashville and look beautiful.

A lot of people email us to ask if Couch Guitar Straps will work with their acoustic guitar. The answer is yes, we usually just send you an extra string when you request it and you use that to tie around the headstock of your guitar from the front tab of the strap. Jenny K. from Berlin, Germany send us this pic of her blue acoustic guitar, it looks like an Ovation, with her Couch Blue Deadstock Flowers strap.

JennyKunjappuBlueFlowers03Wow nice! If you notice on these pics there is a little red line around the edges of these straps. This vintage deadstock vinyl actually appears to be red, and then coated and texturized with with mettalic blue flower victorian pattern. We guess this stuff is from the mid 1980's from the textile style of it. We bought the very last of the vinyl at an old warehouse and have about 185 or so total straps in the entire run before they're gone. If you have a blue guitar, these could look really great!

Incidentally if you don't know already, those Danocaster Guitars and some others like many Gibson Les Pauls have a nitro-lacquer finish that can react to a lot of things- blood, alcohol, sweat, the rubber on many guitar stands and wall mounts, leather guitar straps and vinyl guitar straps too. Basically if you have a nitro lacquered guitar, just keep it in the case when you're not using it, that's what many owners manuals like Gibson largely suggest, and you'll be fine.

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