New Ford Mustang Vinyl!

We were at an old upholstery shop in L.A.'s Southbay area and ran into these cool looking rolls of vinyl:

Vintage Ford Mustang vinyl


They reminded us of  vintage plaid suit material and we noticed a small swatch of it stapled to the wall that said "Mustang and Cadillac Trunk Liner". It was a done deal because that's where Couch Guitar Straps is headed anyway- we love making vegan products out of found and recycled materials and we love when it's vintage automotive upholstery materials like our  80's Mercedes Guitar Straps. So here's a chance to add Ford Mustang to the list, and the material looks great, so yeah we bought it all up.

One other thing we always wanted to do is make a vegan belt and a guitar strap out of the exact same vintage found deadstock vinyl (and maybe something else like a vegan wallet too).  So here they are: The Ford Mustang Trunk Liner Guitar Strap and the Ford Mustang Trunk Liner Belt.

Close up of The Mustang Strap


vegan Mustang Belt made of vintage found vinyl




We've been wearing the belt most days for the last couple months and are digging it. The strap is cool too. Like the belt, this mellow black and blueish grey plaid print goes with a lot of guitars, everthing from Reuben's Purple Fender Telecaster to classic Sunburst colors found in tons of guitars from Gibson Les Paul and Paul Reid Smith Guitars to this nice dark-edged sunburst Fender Telecaster Guitar below. This shot was sent in by Tim Wildsmith of Deitze Music of Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska . Thanks Tim! We can take pictures all day long of our own stuff, but always most fun to see our stuff with other people's nice gear. Next up is the Mustang Wallet:-) It's just in prototype stages and we're not sure when we can go into production on these, but the material sure makes a great looking recycled vegan wallet doesn't it?!

one day we'll sell these too for now though there's a belt and strap you know!


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