70's Plaid Drum Vintage Vinyl Drum Stick Bag

Handmade by Couch from 40 year old vintage auto vinyl.

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70's Plaid Drum Vintage Vinyl Drum Stick Bag


These vintage plaid stick bags came out so rad!! We found this really cool-- clearly vintage-- American Vinyl at an old automotive upholstery shop and just had to do something unique with it- like make drum stick bags that work great and help you stand out from the crowd when you roll up to the stage. Although the fabric is clearly vintage-- the construction and design are surely of the century. Made of vintage early 1970's American Automotive Truck Bench Vinyl, this drum stick bag is highly unique and built to last. We hand-die-cut each piece "on the bias" create a 45 degree look to the pattern, then stitch it in yellow and line it brown..........the details count.

The Velcro pocket is designed to hold your standard drum key, but put whatever you want in there while you're finessing your kit. Each Couch Racing Stripe Drum Stick Bag is hand made to order in our California Workshop. The steel hooks keep your sticks securely on your floor tom so you're ready to go. We line up each precision die cut piece by hand and assemble them on heavy duty machines. Cool, original, works great and built to last. Only from Couch. A perfect gift for the drummer in your life.