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Vegan Belts, Handbags, Dopp Kits and Shave Kits

A whole lot of Cool came out of the era of American Muscle Cars.  From the early 60's to the 70's, California produced the coolest cars, the best music, and that California style that still rocks the scene even today. Couch's vintage, upcycled vegan belts, woman and men's belts, hanging toiletry bags, dopp kits, shave kits and handbags are straight out of that world- when American car companies ruled the scene and set the worldwide standard for cool.   Car manufacturers like Pontiac hired top designers to make their car upholstery look as magnificent as the cars themselves.  Even trunk liner material was a mini masterpiece.

That's what our mens shave kits, woman belts and unique handbags are made from.  We also loved the look of deadstock materials from vintage Volkswagen Beetles, which made awesome dopp kits and toiletry bags for men.  Take a look at some of the upcycled materials we found and used in our handbags, men's belts, woman belts, toiletry bags and more:

  • Blue Houndstooth from a 60s Pontiac
  • American Indian desgin from a 70s Jeep Cherokee
  • Navajo fabric from heavy duty upholstery
  • 40 year-old chocolate brown VW upholstery from Beetles, Rabbits & Jettas
  • 30-40 year-old oxblood red VW upholstery

Combine that with our updated sense of modern style and the result is some pretty nice vegan belts, dopp kits, black belts, white belts, mens shave kits and handbags. Also, what could be more manly and cool than a mens' shave kit made from Jeep upholstery or a men’s travel toiletry bag from a vintage Pontiac trunk liner?  When you travel, you have to carry your toiletries, so why not put it them in a shave kit made of 1980's VW upholstery that's totally masculine and highly functional?  We have several styles to choose from: dopp kits with anything from racing stripes to houndstooth, it's all about you, man.