We Are Couch

Our straps have been rock tested on the stage and in the rehearsal room since 1999, so we know they work properly and last. We still use our Couch straps from way back when.

Couch is all about getting a guitar strap that looks good AND is well made starting at less than 20 bucks. We started Couch cuz no one was doing it and we really wanted a decent guitar strap. We had to move out of our Long Beach apartment and sleep on our friend’s couch for a while to get the money saved to buy a sewing machine to get this thing going. We have killer racing stripe straps for only $35 and lots of new guitar straps made of vintage, deadstock and recycled materials that blow away what most big box corporate strap makers provide for the same price.

Look, most guitar straps are either really bad or really overpriced. On top of that, hardly anyone is making them vegan and sweatshop free in The United States. Why can’t someone else just make a guitar strap that isn’t either completely generic like the music store ones or looks pretty good but cheaply made and overpriced like the fashion strap companies? If you’ve spent any time shopping online or around your town, we’re sure you know what we mean.

When it comes to our straps being vegan, it’s not that we’re freaks or anything, it’s just that when it came to making guitar straps, we were not into purchasing the actual hides of leather and then stamping the tabs out of asymmetric sides of beef before sewing them on our straps. The buying and selling of animal skin carcasses was a little too weird for us, thanks.

We’ll leave that to someone else’s future. Your future is in Rocking

Lead The Way. Rock a Couch Guitar Strap.

To see the straps go here.