1960's Red GMC Slimline II Wallet


1960's Red GMC Slimline II Wallet


This is the new 1960's GMC Mens Slim Wallet made using this beautiful 50 year old vintage red upholstery vinyl. Originally intended to re-uphoster early 1960's GMC and Ford Trucks, this beautiful highly embossed pattern is highly unique, and the upcycled vinyl is highly rare. We only have a roll or two of it and it's gone forever!

The design of this mens slim wallet deisgn is our thinnest, best functioning low profile wallet yet. If you're the type that only likes to carry a card or two and a little cash and doesn't want a big old George Contanza wallet bulking up your pocket then this is it. Hold your essential cards like maybe an ID and a credit card or two in the front and back pockets for easy access. Your cash folds in half and is accessed easiy from the side. Slides away easily in your back pocket, front pocket, tight jeans, loose suit whatever, it won't weigh you down and you're on your way!

Please note from the pictures that we get two different beautiful cuts from the pattern, one on the front and the other on the back. This vinyl also available as the Red 60's GMC Wallet, and the 60's GMC Women's Vintage Wallet.