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    Well this is rad. We came across this post a few weeks back of The Muffs, joined by The Bangles, performing The Beatles' Rain for an Autism Think Tank benefit. It's cool to see Muffs guitarist and singer Kim Shattuck is still rocking her  Black and White Racer X Guitar Strap   she wore while touring recently as The Pixies' bassist. Now that she's back, The Muffs are going strong as ever and we just noticed they signed with the OC Music Phenomenon Burger Records and played their blowout Burgerama mega concert recently which was dubbed by The LA Weekly recently as the more-relevant-than-Coachella music event of the year. Ronnie's looking pretty sharp in his green cardigan too by the way!

  • It wasn't too long ago we were covering Saturday Night Live actor Fred Armisen's SNL farewell performance,  and that Portlandia co-star Carrie Brownstein was wearing her
    Couch 80's Mercedes Guitar Strap. Well if you haven't seen it yet, it was recently announced Fred will be the band leader on Seth Meyer's new Late Night on NBC! Here's the image
    as it's seen when it was on our homepage player:
    Fred Armisen on Late Night with Couch Cadillac Silverburst Guitar Strap
    We so stoked to hear this, and even more stoked when we saw that in the  pic that was used for the press release Fred Armisen was wearing our Cadillac Silverburst Guitar Strap front and center. To be clear, Fred does not endorse Couch in any way, he just has been wearing this strap lately and we think it's really cool and wanted to share that with you here.
    Fred Armisen on NBC's Late Night with Couch Silverburst Guitar Strap . Fred Armisen on NBC's Late Night with Couch Silverburst Guitar Strap .
    So rad!!! This pic was seemingly everywhere on the web that day including The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Billboard.com, Hollywood Reporter etc etc. Check the next pic of Armisen wearing the strap live on the show. Especially cool is if you look close you can see he's affixed a Devo patch on the strap-Fred must have put it on there to honor guitarist Bob Casale who passed away recently. RIP Bob2.

    In any event, Fred we are truly honored. Love Couch.

  • Handmade In California Crew_Print

    We were making this images for our order-information mailer and decided to post them here. It's really fun to make stuff in The United States and we feel lucky every day to make and ship your order from factory floor to your door. Rock! Couch.

  • We were at The El Rey in Los Angeles recently to see The Strokes guitar player Albert Hammond Jr. In addition to his new record we love his first release Yours To Keep and we had to catch him live when he was in town. Now we had heard The Strokes' other guitar player Nic Valensi had purchased a number of our straps from Silverlake's old boutique Pull My Daisy a while back and that was really cool. It was just as cool to roll into the El Rey and notice Albert Hammond Jr.'s Bass Player Reno Bo was rocking a Couch Vintage Volkswagen Guitar Strap at the El Rey! Thanks Reno!

    Nashville's Reno Bo With Vintage Volkswagen Guitar Strap Nashville's Reno Bo With Vintage Volkswagen Guitar Strap
    Albert Hammond Jr. Bassist Reno Bo Albert Hammond Jr. Bassist Reno Bo
  • How To Write A Hipster Rock Anthem
    This Jan And Dan "Look Out For Doug" video has started to become a mini meme lately with about 200,000 hits and counting. It's pretty playful and tongue in cheek and we love seeing the Couch Runway Blue W/ White Racer X Strap in a starring role! After viewing this video, our friend's nephew innocently and hilariously commented "if I like this song am I a bad person?" The reality is we actually think the song is pretty good and our guess is these guys just found a creative way to promote their song and it appears to be working. Oh and thanks for rocking Couch!

  • Kim Shattuck and Black Francis Of The Pixies


    We were stoked to hear recently that The Pixies are getting together with some new songs for a new tour. Even cooler is that with long time bassist Kim Deal stepping down, LA great Kim Shattuck of The Muffs is stepping in in Kim's Deal's place. We love Kim and The Muffs!!! We've seen Shattuck play as recently as a couple months back here in Long Beach at Alex's Bar, and she freaking rules on her own right. It's nice of her to lend a hand and allow all of us to continue to enjoy those freaking classic Pixies songs played live. The band is still writing and debuted a couple new songs on Jimmy Fallon recently as posted here on Rollingstone.com. They also recently played Chicago's Riot Fest with the like of The Replacements, Blondie and Dinosaur Jr. among others. Kim is pictured here with her Black & White Racer X Strap which she is wearing on Jimmy Fallon on tour right now. Yeah!

  • Earlier this year The Couch Cat Strap was narry a glimmer in our eye so it was crazy to see Bad Religion Guitarist Brian Baker rocking one just 3 months later in front of 50,000 people.

    Bad Religion Guitarist Brian Baker live in Germany at  Rock Am Ring 2013


    In case you didn't know, Brian is a bit of a punk legend best known as one of the founding members of Minor Threat, and has been a member of Bad Religion since 1994. He also was in some of our favorite 80's and 90's punk bands like The Meatmen and Dag Nasty respectively.

    Couch Cat Strap on Brian Baker's Les Paul Custom


    In any event, we're not sure where Brian picked up this strap, but we're honored he's chosen to rock Couch, and great taste on the strap choice too!

  • Have you heard the new Mavis Staples single "I Like The Things About Me" yet? The song freaking rules! Like her last Grammy Award winning album "You Are Not Alone", her brand new record "One True Vine" was produced by Wilco song leader Jeff Tweedy. Anyway we were watching her performance on Jon Stewart last night when we noticed bass player Jeff Turmes was wearing his Black & White Racer X Guitar Strap.

    Mavis Staples and Jeff Turmes Live On The Daily Show


    Dude that strap seems to have been getting a lot of use by Jeff the last couple years. We originally covered him live on The Colbert Report him wearing this strap here in our blog back in 2010. Jeff is a really cool and really busy guy, who, in addition to playing with Mavis Staples and releasing his own work, has played alongside the likes of Tom Waits, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Canned Heat and Koko Taylor.

    Mavis Staples On The Daily Show With Stephen Hodges and Jeff Turmes


    Thanks Jeff for rocking Couch!!! Here's a link to the video.

  • Carrie Brownstein rocks Couch on SNL Armisen Farewell


    Couch on SNL! Wild Flag guitarist Carrie Brownstein rocks her 80's Mercedes Guitar Strap on SNL's farewell for her Portlandia partner Fred Armisen. Joining them is rock royalty Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, and Sex Pistols' Steve Jones. Also joining them on stage were Aimee Mann and Michael Penn. Yeaah!! You can watch it here.

  • 1)DO NOT USE YOUR PANT SIZE TO FIGURE OUT THE SIZE OF YOUR BELT! It shouldn't be so hard to figure out your belt size right? Well you'd think so, but we get a lot of returns from people saying their belt is too small. We looked into it and learned a thing or two ourselves. The first thing is that most designers "Vanity Size" their pants, so that you think you have a smaller waist than you actually do. Check this chart out we found on another cool belt maker's page- it shows also how much this can vary from designer to designer. We wear for instance size 30 and 34 pants from different designers that fit the same! So How Do You Do It?

    Vanity Sizing Can Cause Confusion in Figuring Out Your Belt Size

    2) Measure A Belt You Already Have To Get Your Belt Size Find a belt of your own or from someone else that seems to fit for your normal average use, preferably to the center hole. Measure the number of inches from the center hole (or the hole you use) you use to the center post of the buckle. Then subtract 1 to 2 inches. For example, say your current belt measures 35 inches from the center post to hole you use. Taking 2 inches off gives you a belt size of 33. Which leads us to our last point...

    3) When In Doubt Round Up In the example above, we've determined our belt size to be a "33", but most companies make only a 30, 32, and 34 if that. In this case round up to the size 34 not down to the 32 for the best likely fit. That's how you do it!

    Check this video out here and we'll show you how to do this.

    4) We've Got Your Back
    Also know that if for any reason your belt still doesn't fit just send it back within 30 days and we'll exchange it of course! Hopefully this blog and video will drastically reduce the chances of that ever happening in the first place. Also, you can check out our USA Made Vegan belts here. Rock! Couch.

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